Unreel catch menu logo

Unreel Catch

This project was a competition for a company looking to sell vegan seafood. The goal was a logo that represents fish and plant origins. I entered this competition due to the fact that logo design is one of my weak points in design.

The Brief: “Unreel” is a homonym of “unreal”, meaning “not-to-be-believed” and “not real”, and a play on the fishing term “reel” as in “rod and reel”.   Products to be featured under this brand include:  Sashimi Salmon; Tuna; Eel; Smoked Salmon/Lox; Shrimp, Fish Nuggets; and Fish Filets.
Target audience:  Consumers seeking plant-based proteins, to live a healthier lifestyle, including flexitarians, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans.  Adults, aged 25 – 50, predominantly female (consistent with those making purchasing decisions for families).
Industry:  Consumer Package Goods, Food and Beverage, D2C, Wholesale (restaurant and retail grocers). Unreel Catch, as a brand, does not exist yet, however it will be the brand for the seafood products (all plant-based) listed above.


The idea, designed by myself and my partner, was to create the movement of waves in the shape of a fish and sprouted leaves coming off of the movement.

This entry didn't win as the final choice for the company, but received an honourable mention 🎉

UnreelCatch Logo
Unreel Catch Package design
UnreelCatch on a menu
Unreel catch displayed in different color schemes including black and white