Reflection and goals for 2022

Setting goals in 2022 for reading more, writing more, completing more creative projects and seeing how I can take the next steps in my career.

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I think we can all agree that 2021 was a whirlwind of a year. I hope everyone remained healthy and vigilant during the last year and may continue to remain healthy in the upcoming year.


Last year I strived to learn new technologies and skills that may help my goal of being a stronger product designer. I spent a lot of the year learning Blender 3D, mainly for my interest in industrial design. Of course, once you start learning – it's something to continue, and I still have a long way to go!

Another skill I learned was Python, although I'm still nowhere near being an expert, it really opened my eyes to the capabilities. While studying python, I was quickly brought down a rabbit hole of mathematics, and the driving logic behind the way we process images. This gave me a new appreciation for the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes for software designers use.

Convolutions in image processing | Week 1 | MIT 18.S191 Fall 2020 | Grant Sanderson
The basics of convolutions in the context of image processing.Course website: 0:00 - Introduction1:12 ...

When it comes to accessibility and service design, I came to the quick realization that sitting around and talking about it isn't enough. For most of the year, I joined multiple workshops including the Accessibility Workshop with Carie Fisher and I've already signed up for the Deque accessibility workshop in 2022.

The final small tidbit was community sharing and participating in competitions. I launched a couple of resources in the Figma community marketplace. This was an area I wish I had achieved more content and perhaps will do so in this coming year!

Although I achieved quite a bit and joined various workshops – there was quite a lot of materials and projects I wish I completed that may have slipped through the cracks, one being on the topic of writing more. So, let this post serve as a tracking device for myself and a personal roadmap for those interested in what I hope to achieve and release in 2022!


As mentioned, part of the reason I made this post is to create a list of goals for accountability. Instead of writing in a notebook or notes application that will get lost after a couple of months, this post will remain pinned on my website and regularly updated as I progress.

📚 Read more books

My first goal is to read more books for both leisure and learning. I've already started my first book on product management, "It's your ship" by Michael Abrashoff. What is my goal exactly? one of my colleagues mentioned their goal is 22 books for 2022. Slightly less than two books a month – a worthy goal to say the least.


✒️ Write blog posts

This one may be obvious, but as I've recently started taking my blog more seriously to use it as a way of knowledge sharing, it is an obvious step to keep accountable. I'm setting this goal to be around 3-4 posts each month. A lofty goal, but one I no doubt can achieve through perseverance.

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🎨 Creative projects

When we enter the workforce we start setting our minds to what's realistic and practical. The creativity of thinking outside of the practical box can bring new ideas that are meaningful.

My goal here is to do projects on both sides of the spectrum, some creative applications that utilize different skillsets, but also go beyond the bounds of what would be practical. Doing silly projects that people see as for show only is one of the ways to keep the creative juices flowing and break away from the corporate rigidness.

💼 Career growth

I'm looking forward to learning more about Product Management through books and courses. Although I've been an assistant by right of wearing many hats at startups, I have yet to take on the full-time position. I believe the mix of design and product management definitely goes hand-in-hand.

Below will be a list of courses I take throughout the year:

  1. Becoming a Product Manager - Linkedin Learning

Four categories of goals are quite a sufficient amount, I will also be continuing to learn the topics of interest I had started in the previous year. This post will be periodically updated, so make sure to subscribe if you are interested in the knowledge and resources I will be sharing this coming year!